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Swedish study warns of greenhouse gas threat

Swedish study warns of greenhouse gas threat

Published: 21 Mar 2012 07:19 GMT+01:00
Updated: 21 Mar 2012 07:19 GMT+01:00

The estimate by the Stockholm Environment Institute is based on the assumption that climate-altering carbon emissions continue their upward spiral without a pause.

Warmer seas will lead to greater acidification and oxygen loss, hitting fisheries and coral reefs, it warns.

Rising sea levels and storms will boost the risk of flood damage, especially around the coastlines of Africa and Asia, it adds.

On a business-as-usual scenario, Earth's global temperature will rise by some four degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) by century's end, says the report, "Valuing the Ocean."

On this basis, the cost in 2050 will be $428 billion annually, or 0.25 percent of global domestic product (GDP).

By 2100, it would rise to $1,979 billion, or 0.37 percent of output.

If emissions take a lower track, and warming is limited to 2.2 C (4 F), the cost in 2050 would be $105 billion, or 0.06 percent of worldwide GDP, rising to $612 billion, or 0.11 percent, by 2100.

"This is not a scaremongering forecast," says the report.

It cautions that these figures do not take into account the bill for small island states swamped by rising seas. Nor do they include the impact of warming on the ocean's basic processes, such as nutrient recycling, which are essential to life.

"The ocean has always been thought of as the epitome of unconquerable, inexhaustible vastness and variety, but this plenty more fish in the sea' image may be its worst enemy," notes the report.

"The immense scale of the ocean, and its remoteness from most of our daily lives, has contributed to its chronic neglect."

AFP/The Local


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Your comments about this article

08:47 March 21, 2012 by karex
It's the only way that people will start paying attention - to target where it hurts: the pocketbook. Unfortunately greed and vanity rule the world. If you want something done you have to appeal to these human "qualities", as the cosmetics and other vanity catering industries have long known...
11:32 March 21, 2012 by Luke R D
Bullshit this isn't scare tactics! Governments allow the real perpetrators of environmental vandalism (IE them and corporations) to continue on with their weapons "testing" and dumping of radioactive material, while telling us we're bad citizens if we don't buy eco-friendly light bulbs and friggin' biodegradable bags from Hemköp. How about we have some real discussion on this? How about we realise that not only do we live on this planet, we are a part of this planet. How about we realise that this planet is, Herself, a highly conscious being, and our current way of life is simply not good enough. Carbon taxes - bläääää. Another currency, another way for governments to screw their citizens out of more cash, and some ridiculous justification for continuing our way of life with lessened guilt. If only our species were sane!
12:19 March 21, 2012 by Value Gen
{"This is not a scaremongering forecast," says the report.}

Well how much personal/organization LOSS the report is willing to take LEGALLY to the global community, in case it turns out to be exactly as "scaremongering forecast" .

I have never seen any socioeconomic or long term climate related forecasting are accurate, if one validates all past forecasts that predicted about anything will happen by or before 2012-03-21.
14:25 March 21, 2012 by gabeltoon
HERE HERE #2 How right you are.
14:58 March 21, 2012 by cogito
How can this be? Didn't Obama say that his nomination was "the moment the rise of the seas would begin to slow and the planet begin to heal?"
17:44 March 21, 2012 by stevo1
Australia is introducing a multi billion dollar carbon tax this year, while 3rd world nations spew more pollutants into the atmosphere.

Seems fair to target citizens rather than tackling the problem on a world scale (input sarcastic grin here)..

Some researchers are saying global warming is just another earth cycle occurring similar to what the climate was with the dinosaurs. then came the global freezing which killed the Dino's out, then the earth cycles again and got warmer.

And we wonder why more people fall below the poverty line globally....
19:59 March 21, 2012 by zooeden
So Fing what??? who does what to change this, 3rd world countries, the countries who most contaminate??? No, so I say lets destroy the planet, send your toxical waste to Japan, USA and the Middle East, I dont know why the middle east maybe Im bias but anyway...
20:30 March 21, 2012 by GLO
This a farce on parade......
21:03 March 21, 2012 by swedejane
Cool..I won't be around then.
21:35 March 21, 2012 by Carbarrister
"The estimate by the Stockholm Environment Institute is based on the assumption that climate-altering carbon emissions continue their upward spiral without a pause."

I think this is a correct assumption, I have made many trips to China and a few to India and the rate at which those countries are bringing coal fired plants on line show no let up. The US, Europe and Australia can stifle their economies with cap and trade schemes any it will not make a dent in the problem.

What ever happens is going to happen after I am dead.
22:36 March 21, 2012 by Radhus
"This is not a scaremongering forecast," says the report.

When they say things like this, why do they always use photos of heat plants blowing out steam? lmao

Around 100 years ago there was a similar scandal except they were saying that the temperatures were cooling and were on the way to another ice age. Climate change comes in cycles. It has nothing to do with carbon levels. Carbon occurs naturally in the environment.

In Australia recently there were floods and of course there were those who were saying they were caused by climate change due to rising carbon levels. But the floods were actually caused by the natural cycles of El Nino which occurs irregularly every 2-7 years.

This is the biggest farce after the the 2KY bug. Remember all that software we were supposed to install and equipment we were supposed to replace to keep everything working from 1 Jan 2000? And it turned out to be nothing. The same is going to happen with this climate change thing.

Temperatures are going to rise by 2050 but it's not caused by levels of carbon. It's a cycle and no carbon taxes, energy-saving lightbulbs or any other stupid thing we have to pay a fortune for can stop the globe from getting warmer. Al Gore will be a total laughing stock, if he isn't already. That will be the only footprint imprinted in my memory.
03:56 March 22, 2012 by för30årseden
In Sweden, global warming would be progress.
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