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Rush Limbaugh stands up for dismembered lion

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We were a bit puzzled this morning to get emails from angry Americans (few of whom were located in Sweden). We were (I think) thrilled to discover that the reason for their interest in Sweden was that The Local had been quoted on Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show.

Limbaugh – for those unfamiliar with his work, he’s a particularly red-blooded conservative political commentator – was rather taken with our story about the Swedish army’s castration of a heraldic lion.

This was, Limbaugh said ‘another illustration of the chickification of culture.’

‘Is that how you get gender equality? You emasculate a lion? Why not just put boobs on the female lions? What do you have to go and take away the penis for,’ Limbaugh asked.

When done railing at the removal of the lion’s penis, he moved on to the women who caught fire during a hemorrhoid operation. But that’s another story…

If you feel like shelling out 7 bucks for a month’s subscription, you can hear the whole show here.

13 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh stands up for dismembered lion”

  1. JH Says:

    Great article. I will write about it on my site. Thx.

  2. Chad Wright Says:

    You were also quoted on Foxnews.com in the US. My friend sent me a link to the website. Good job thelocal.se, good job.


  3. coalbanks Says:

    Hey!!1 LIMBAUGH!! Souds DANSK tio me! This is what your future looks like if the Danish hordes and US American culture continue to overcome Swedish culture, annex Skane tc.

  4. Literatus Says:

    Quite frankly, you Swedish men are the most hen-pecked sods on the face o the planet. When are you going to put your pants back on and stop kowtowing to the feminazis? Forget the lion, you’ve all been emasculated.

  5. HairySwede Says:

    Good to see someone fighting for the rights of castrated lions the world over.

  6. Brian Says:

    Rush is a fool who is hardly worth mentioning, must less quoting, him and the lion butcher i look forward to the day they get their darwin awards, they both belong in the same dumpster.

  7. r peterson Says:

    get a life you people in the home land Relax
    i would worry about all the people comming in to the county to live off you folks

  8. Justin Says:

    Wow, Rush Limbaugh sure seems to love cock.

  9. Geewee Says:

    Sweden needs a reality check when it has to create a discussion around an image or an illustration of a damn lions schlong on the side of a shirt which is worn by an already castrated military force.

  10. DMcD Says:

    Don’t give ‘anything’ this fool thinks , a second thought. He is the main stateside (US) spokesman for the Republican propaganda machine (you know , the ones that brought us the Iraq war and the current destabilization of the world economies) — a ‘hot-air blow-hard’ nothing more.

  11. -chet Says:

    While Rush is firebrand figure for the conservative voice, he does have good point in bringing light to the unique, and contradictory news items of the castrated lion, and the timely Uppsala bare breast sunbathing incident/movement.

  12. MuadDib Says:

    coalbanks: This is what your future looks like if the Danish hordes…

    This is actually what it looks like when morons come to a discussion board. No one is going to annex Skne – and if there is any friction, the lubricant is greater communication. Always.

    That said, the whole incident doesn’t surprise me. U.S.A. is such a large country, that it is no problem to find herds of morons there. And actually, it seems that they are a heavily protected species, so you can expect even more of such reactions in the future.
    Oh, it seems that they probably think that they are God’s right hand and straddle the world with their morbid ideas.

    Like I said, they are wild beasts, dangerous, but definitely not an endangered species. No need to deal with them, other than to be wary of their incursions.

  13. Gabriel Pulgar Says:

    Instead of jumping on the hate bandwagon give Rush a listen. It’s not dangerous to hear facts and it’s convenient to know something about the person some seem to hate so much. Know thy enemy we always say.

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