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Everyone at her asylum centre knows Reem Edlbi as “the genius kid” with a head for numbers and a knack for talking to adults. She tells The Local about her love for pretty much everything and everyone, especially her sick brother and her dad back in Lebanon.

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'I didn't want to see my children die before my eyes'

64-year-old Hayat Ibrahim al-Sidawi turned to embroidery to battle boredom and horror during the Syrian civil war, and wants her work to offer a message of hope to others. READ
Photo: Tomislav Stjepic/Migrationsverket

'Sweden's values are very similar to Islam'

Being a Muslim hasn’t hampered Zain Elabdin’s attempts to integrate. In fact, this 26-year-old Syrian dentist sees lots of similarities between Islam and Swedish culture. READ

This Syrian artist found love in a Swedish library

Syrian artist Racha Allababidi fell in love with her Swedish librarian. Now the couple are “like peas in a pod”, painting together and learning each others’ languages, as she builds a new life far from her war-torn homeland. READ

‘Swedes are not racists - they are just confused’

When Sweden struggled to cope last year with an unprecedented influx of asylum seekers Emil Julin felt he had to act. He tells The Local Voices why he started working at an accommodation centre for refugees, and why he thinks more Swedes should do what they can to help. READ

‘Sweden makes me feel like I’ve been born again’

After two years in Sweden Mazen Albitar has shed layers of his old Syrian identity and feels he’s on his way to becoming more Swedish than the Swedes themselves. He tells The Local Voices why he thinks the country deserves more respect than it gets from some fellow newcomers. READ
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Syrian presenter: Swedish media should make more shows in Arabic

She fled for her life after getting death threats in Syria. Now journalist Rowa Alkhatib has landed a plum job as a talk-show host with Sweden’s national radio broadcaster. She tells The Local Voices how she’s now helping quench Arabic speakers’ thirst for knowledge about their new home. READ
Anas Awad with his "Swedish family", the Nilsséns.

'Swedes have the right to decide what's best for their nation'

Anas Awad, from Damascus, has fallen in love with Sweden, its language and the people he now calls his 'Swedish family'. But he thinks Sweden could do more to capitalize on refugees' talents and desire to integrate. READ
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'Both newcomers and Swedes have a role to play in integration'

Madeleine Racutanu works with refugees in Sweden, and says both newcomers and Swedes must do more to achieve effective integration. READ
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Refugees cycled 250 km to protest against Sweden's new asylum laws

Organizers and protestors told The Local Voices how the new laws will affect them. READ
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Gabriel mastered Swedish and got accepted onto a medicine degree in just 7 months

Meet the Syrian bookworm who taught himself Swedish and got accepted onto a medicine degree after less than a year in the country. READ

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The Jewish Syrian who dreams of rebuilding his country

Being Jewish in Syria was not easy, says Alanov, 25, who has been in Sweden since 2014, but he still dreams of returning home to help rebuild his country. READ
Film buff Christian Ekvall picks out 30 definitive Swedish movies you must see to understand the soul of the country's cinema. READ
Malmö police have arrested a man after they caught him setting a vehicle alight in the Rosengård district as the city's spate of summer car fires continued. READ
Swedish researchers have investigated whether or not contraceptives affect women's sex lives. READ
The Local speaks to two crime experts about why an eight-year-old boy became the latest victim of gang-related conflicts in Gothenburg. READ
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'Accepting newcomers doesn't mean we'll stop celebrating Midsummer'

Volunteer Annica Ullhag loves meeting and talking to newcomers, but wonders why so many of her Swedish friends do not. READ
US presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke about the Swedish telecom giant at a campaign rally in Ohio. READ
The eight-year-old killed when a grenade was thrown into the window of an apartment is reported to be a resident of Birmingham, England. READ
Tired of Scandinavian black and white design? Houzz.se's Amanda Strömberg guides you to some inspiring colourful homes in Sweden – because they do exist. READ
Along with traditional aircraft, drones, paragliders and even model airplanes will be banned from the skies while the US Vice President is in Sweden. READ
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'I fled war in Syria. I never expected to be beaten in Sweden'

Muhammed is in shock after a brutal attack by a Swedish bus driver. READ