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Newcomers, and especially refugees, are suffering as a result of Sweden’s housing crisis, Syrian journalist Alberto Salmoneh tells The Local.

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Transit accommodation at Nobelberget in Stockholm in autumn 2015, when Sweden took in more refugees than ever before. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT.

'Refugees are not scary: rent out your free space to them'

Stockholm City recently launched a campaign urging residents to rent out free space to refugees. So why are so few locals heeding the call? Architect Karin Saler believes Swedes’ love of their personal space is at least as much to blame as any anti-refugee sentiment. READ

Job market matchmaker hooks up 1,300 newcomers and Swedes

A Swedish professional network pairing newcomers with Swedes recently celebrated its first anniversary. The Local Voices met some of Yrkesdörren’s members to find out how it all works. READ

'My name is Sami and I am a proud Swede - it hurts when people say I'm not Swedish'

Sami Hotait, a 16-year-old high-school student from Malmö, is tired of being asked where he’s ‘really’ from. Here he tells The Local Voices why he won’t let his inquisitors define him. READ
Carolina Romare/imagebank.sweden.se

What holiday story do YOU want to read on The Local Voices?

We're inviting you, our readers, to help us create our year-end holiday feature story. Find out how. READ

Syria's White Helmets answer tough questions in Stockholm

A day before the White Helmets were due to receive the Right Livelihood Award, the Syrian rescue group faced probing questions about their allegiances at a panel debate in Stockholm. READ

Six tips for job-hunting newcomers in Sweden

Two years ago Marianne Nilsson co-founded a recruitment firm to match employers with foreign graduates. Here she shares her tips for finding a job in Sweden. READ

'Swedes are stylish: you need to dress well if you want to fit in'

Once you’ve put down some roots in the icy north you soon notice that Swedes are pretty snappy dressers — and newcomers would do well to up their style game if they want to slot in, says Deepak Kamboj, a management consultant from India. READ
Mohammed Elsawi with Swedish girlfriend Louise.

Having a Swedish girlfriend didn't help this Egyptian evade culture shock

"Sweden is a totally different world," says Mohammed Elsawi, as he talks to The Local Voices about culture shock and making friends abroad. READ

Why a gay Syrian refugee became a Jew and wants to move to Israel

Stockholm resident Refat Rothschild has ditched his drugs, his old name, and his old religion. READ

This new book by a Syrian writer gives refugee children their own hero

A Syrian refugee explains why he dropped everything to write a book specifically designed to help children fleeing war. READ

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‘Swedish employers are hypocrites’

"The solution is 'education, education, education. Swedish managers need to be educated and inspired.'” READ
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Laras Pinji with her mentor at Mitt Liv.

'You have to understand the Swedish concept of lagom if you want to find work'

When Laras Pinji started looking for jobs in Sweden she kept running into brick walls, but once she had grasped the meaning of ‘lagom’ she soon found her way into the world of work. READ
From fish treated in acid to 'egg cheese', The Local looks at some of the weirder Swedish Christmas foods on offer. READ
Houzz.se's Amanda Strömberg looks inside a Swedish family's unconventional take on Christmas at their farm. READ
Not a great Christmas tradition, guys. READ
Less than a fourth believe that Swedish pupils learn what they need to in school, a new poll suggests. READ

This refugee wasn’t even looking for a job – now he works for Renault

Syrian newcomer Bashar Nouri just wanted to get out of the Södertälje suburbs and meet some Swedes. But then he stumbled into a job at Renault, stayed in Södertälje, and he couldn’t be happier. READ