Dagens Nyheter reported on Friday that a woman in Blekinge found a secret camera in her bathroom. The bugging device was hidden in the ventilation system in her flat and was linked to a video tucked away in the basement. She traced the wires and immediately called the police. An investigation is underway. "It is a serious assault on someone's privacy", said the police.

Swedish building giantSkanska is opting for cheap labour from Eastern Europe, reported Friday’s Dagens Industri. Graham Stuart, CEO of Skanska said, “We are going to use every legal aspect in order to become more competitive on the market.” He agreed that the union should protect its members, but argued that Sweden has to “keep up with EU developments” and that labour from other EU countries is only beneficial.

Expressen reported on Friday that a 27-year-old man stole 2.5 million crowns from a Forex office and went on a trip to Thailand. The man, who worked in the office he stole the money from, said he only did it on “the spur of the moment”. He claimed he was fed up because he missed his girlfriend in Thailand – and Forex wouldn’t give him enough holidays to go and see her. Eventually he surrendered the money and himself to the police, admitting the error of his ways.

In a week of prison escapes, the news that three inmates from Viska Prison escaped to go to the pub received little coverage. But according to Saturday’s Expressen this isn’t the first time it’s happened at Viska. “But they usually return before dawn to attend registration in the morning”, explained another prisoner to Expressen. Viska Prison is classified as a “relaxed detention centre with low-key security”. But a member of staff clearly explained that prisoners aren’t allowed to come and go “at their leisure”. The inmates were later found in a flat in Sundsvall and taken back to prison.

Two men in Hedemora set fire to a hotel and disappeared without trace, reported Dagens Nyheter on Monday. Twelve guests had to be evacuated and the police suspected a possible arsonist attack. Several journalists were residing in the hotel at the time while reporting on the murder of a 48-year-old policeman. The police did not, however, link the attack directly to the murder.

Malmö police were called out to an odd crime scene earlier in the week, according to Tuesday’s Svenska Dagbladet. A witness spotted a man stealing sheets of copper from the roof of a local church, and called the police to report the crime. A bag of copper was found in the vicinity and once the man had climbed down from the roof he admitted to stealing the “goods”. The copper thief was later charged by the local, ahem, coppers.

Aftonbladet reported on Thursday that the internal police investigation in Helsingborg involving three hundred missing beer barrels is coming to a close. At least 2.5 tonnes of beer were confiscated in the raid but somehow the goods went missing straight afterwards – and haven’t been seen since. A statement from the investigation said it was a “possible case of misconduct at work” and so far three people within the force have been questioned, but not charged. Now the police believe they may have sniffed out the possible whereabouts of the goods but declined to comment further.