Prison inspector steals 230,000 crowns

There's yet more prison scandal this week, according to Monday's Expressen, which reported on a prison inspector who "did a runner with at least 230,000 crowns".

The inspector had planned to emigrate to Brazil and “retire with a nice lady” he knew in Rio De Janeiro. He had told his colleagues about his plans and when he left his post the Chief Inspector at Hall, Per-Åke Palmquist, was asked to double check accounts – and found that money had gone missing.

The suspect had been working at Hall for fifteen years and had been in charge of some purchasing and ledgers.

“We have only checked the accounts for the last two years, but we can confirm it is at least 230,000 crowns – although it could be more,” said Palmquist. The man is also suspected to have issued cheques with false signatures. Although he was arrested directly after leaving his post at Hall, he was released pending an investigation and no restrictions were placed on his movement.

“He made the choice to leave the country directly after he was let out of the Police Office. Chances are he’s on a beach in Cobacabana,” said Palmquist.