Botkyrka murder suspect arrested in the Philippines

A man suspected of a murder in Botkyrka has been tracked down and caught in Manila in the Philippines, according to Aftonbladet on Wednesday. The Swedish Police have been trying to track down the 32 year old suspect in various countries across the globe for over three years.

On Tuesday night special agents found the man in the northern part of Manila where he has been residing since shortly after the murder. He has been linked to a shooting in a manner described as being “close to execution”.

A 40 year old builder was shot five times, with bullet wounds to both the face and the body. There are several people linked to this crime and it has been said another three or four men could be involved, most of whom are still at large.

One man was previously arrested for questioning, and another imprisoned for some time, but then released when no evidence was found. The 32-year-old was linked to the murder through his business in the construction industry. He will be held at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Manila for questioning.

A disagreement over money is said to be behind the shooting and the 32 year old was “reasonably well off” when he left Sweden just after Christmas 2001.

The National Federal Police in Manila has promised to hand the man over “as soon as the paper work is cleared”.