Elderly lady killed by washing powder

An old people's home in Örebro has been accused of breaking health and safety regulations after a female resident died, apparently having consumed washing powder thinking it was sugar.

According to Wednesday’s Aftonbladet, Katarina Johansson’s 89-year-old mother Sonja managed to open a cupboard, which was meant to be locked, and mistook washing powder for sugar. Johansson and her husband have reported the incident to the local council demanding to know more about the surroundings of Sonja’s painful death.

Sonja’s death certificate states that she died of “chemical pneumonia due to internal damage to her lungs caused by washing powder”, said Aftonbladet. The case is in the hands of the Social Services.

Sylvia Norén at Social Services in Örebro saidi she believes something went wrong during the treatment of Sonja after her poisoning.

“We are going to investigate all measures taken by the hospital when treating Sonja before her death,” said Norén.

Katarina Johansson said she is mainly concerned about health and safety issues at the home where Sonja was staying.

“It’s very important for us to understand how anything like this could happen,” said Johansson. “Although we are not criticising members of staff and personnel who do work wonders in taking care of the elderly.”

All homes for elderly people in Örebro are implementing new measurements as a result of the accident.