Government backs flexible school start dates

A number of districts across the country have agreed to enroll in a trial scheme to offer flexible dates for school starts, according to Svenska Dagbladet on Monday.

The idea is that children due to start primary school and elementary school should be able to start in months other than August.

As it is today, a child starts school in the autumn of the same year that he or she turns seven years old. However, the Liberal Democratic MP Sten Tolgfors believes that a child should be able to start school between the age of 6 and 8 instead.

His view is that there should be two choices – either “an autumn start” or “a spring start”, according to SvD. But the Board of Education is opposed to the idea, saying that smaller councils will find it hard to offer a varying range of courses if there are “two levels” of new starters at every school each year.