Fall from hotel window a “workplace injury”

A man in Skåne has been caught up in a dispute with his insurance company regarding compensation for injuries from an accident that happened while he was away on a business trip, reported Sydsvenskan on Tuesday.

The man was staying in a hotel when the accident happened. He had gone to bed but when he rose at midnight to visit the bathroom he mistook the window for the door to the bathroom and fell several metres to the ground.

His insurance company didn’t believe he suffered injuries “at work”, because the accident happened at night. They disputed the difference between “working hours” and “private time”, according to Sydsvenskan.

Nevertheless, the injury has now been deemed by the district court in Skåne to have happened “in the workplace”.

“Company insurance must be liable at all times, even when a person is asked to go away somewhere with work”, argued Solicitor Lennart Gustafsson, who has been acting on behalf of the claimant.