Victoria: It?s not easy being my man

When you’re the crown princess, there is no such thing as a private life. And the same applies if you are the man in her life. This week, Crown Princess Victoria opened her heart to the Swedish public, talking to TV4 about her royal duties, her boyfriend Daniel Westling and the difficulties of being a princess in love.

In a documentary screened on Wednesday evening the princess told journalist Linda Nyberg that the pressures of royal life made relationships difficult.

“It’s not easy to be together with me,” she said, “but the situation is the same for anyone who’s in the spotlight.”

Still, the pressures of the job weren’t putting the twenty-seven year old royal off her duties. Expressen reported her as saying that she had never considered giving up her right to the throne.

“There is no alternative as far as I’m concerned,” she said, adding that she would carry on as long as Swedes wanted her to. She described the monarchy as a “wonderful and important tradition” that should be protected.

Victoria also told viewers of her frustration at press coverage of boyfriend Daniel. “There’s so much unfair stuff written about him,” she said, but would not comment on reports that he had started intensive preparations for life in the royal family, reported Aftonbladet.

An example of the intense media scrutiny faced by Daniel was on show in Thursday’s Aftonbladet. The paper reported that the royal boyfriend, who owns two exclusive gyms in Stockholm, was planning to open a ‘massage institute’ in a mansion in Bromma, on the outskirts of the capital.

The paper reported that since he started going out with the crown princess, his Master Training gym business has seen its profits go through the roof. Aftonbladet described the plan for the massage institute, which would be part of a hotel development at Ulvsunda Slott, as a ‘dream project’ for Westling.