Hunting dog saved master’s life

A 68-year old man was found in a Swedish forest on Friday morning, nearly killed by the cold, but saved by his dog. Dagens Nyheter reported that the man had been out hunting with a friend last Wednesday but they had taken separate paths during the course of the day. Both had their dogs with them. When the 68-year old didn't return late on Wednesday night friends and family called the police. It appears he wasn't dressed for rain or cold, although he was used to spending time in the forest and fond of outdoor life. When the man still hadn’t appeared on Thursday the police sent in a force of 65 men from the army, one helicopter, 9 dog patrols and 47 elk hunters, to search the forest. The man was eventually found on Friday morning, very cold but still alive. The dog had stayed beside him all the time. It was yelping loudly and caught the attention of the search party as they passed the spot where the man was found.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter