Silvia’s kidnap worry

Reports suggest that the kidnapping of businessman Fabian Bengtsson has shaken the royal family. A source told Aftonbladet that both the king and queen were concerned for the safety of their children.

“If it was up to Silvia, both Carl Philip and Madeleine would stay home. But she realises that that’s out of the question. They’ve got to live.”

The two younger royal children first received regular protection from Säpo, the Swedish security police, in the wake of the kidnapping of Erik Westerberg, the heir of a wealthy industrial family, in 2002.

Anders Kassman, head of Säpo’s Personal Protection Squad, commented:

“With such a high profile incident as [the Bengtsson kidnapping], we’ll find out what the facts are, see whether they impact the overall threat and take any necessary measures.”

Madeleine had what may be a taste of things to come on Saturday night as she partied with boyfriend Jonas Bergström at Kharma, a fashionable bar in Stockholm.

The venue was searched by police in advance of the royal visit and the princess was attended by four Säpo bodyguards, twice the usual number. Three of them were stationed around her table and the fourth was constantly at her side.

It’s not known what Jonas made of that, but the extra close attention from Sweden’s finest didn’t seem to cramp their style too much. The couple left the bar by a side entrance at three o’clock in the morning.

A friend of Madde told Aftonbladet:

“She’s not as used to having bodyguards as Victoria. She thinks it’s a pain. But at the same time, she’s not stupid and realised there’s no alternative at the moment.”

Source: Aftonbladet