6 year olds exposed to pornography in school project

6 year old pupils from Nacka's Stensö School were exposed to pornographic material read from a novel, according to press reports, when they visited Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre) for an arts project.

“It was somewhat unfortunate that this story involved a number of small children,” said Per Lysander, the principal at DI.

The children had been invited to participate as the audience in a theatre project run by students at DI and Teaterhögskolan (the National Academy of Mime and Acting) entitled “Love & Sexuality”. Their role was to provide feedback on the students’ evolving work.

While the accompanying teacher from Stensö School was out of the room, a male student from DI read from a text which graphically depicted “two small girls” having oral sex while a woman watched.

Re-entering the room, the children’s teacher interrupted proceedings as soon as she heard what was going on – some 5-7 minutes after the reading had begun.

By this time, according to Swedish Radio, the children had already heard such lines as, “And soon she felt how Åsa pushed herself against Lisa’s mouth, she felt Åsa’s lips against her lips”, “She won’t stop licking” and “She wanted more”.

Apparently the 6 year olds were then meant to explain how they would have acted had they found themselves in a similar position.

Per Lysander apologised, claiming this was the malicious work of a solitary student.

“What he did was meant to provoke DI,” Lysander told Swedish news-agency TT, adding that the other students were shocked. “This is obviously harrowing for everyone involved.”

According to Lysander no one at DI had read the text (which Swedish Radio has helpfully put on its web site here) beforehand, otherwise the student would certainly have been stopped.

“He was incredibly stupid not to realise he was involving a group of innocent 6 year-olds,” said Lysander.

The student in question now faces being excluded from the school and the incident is under further investigation.

The children’s parents were aware of the project, said the head of Stensö School, Ingalill Andersson. But she said she had no idea that it included sexual material.

“The project seemed serious and I still believe it is,” she said. “It’s about writing a play.”

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, SR, Aftonbladet, TT