Burning bus near Bromma Airport

A burning bus held up traffic near Bromma Airport at lunch time on Tuesday, reported Dagens Nyheter. It is unclear what caused the fire.

“It appears it was one of our buses”, said Kjell Hägglund, Security Manager at Swebus.

Apparently the bus had just been taken for a service at the garage and was on the road to be tested. For some reason the engine caught fire and it took some time to control it because of burning plastic insulation and diesel, which is a “rather difficult combination to extinguish”, said Björn Hörnsten at the fire brigade in Stockholm.

It is unclear what actually caused the fire, but DN reported that there is no suspicion of “sabotage” or “terrorist action”. Swebus assures the public that their buses are safe and that “fires are not a regular occurance”.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter