King reveals his diet

Could the beer and sausage diet be the next big thing? It could be, if the royal seal of approval counts for anything in these matters.

The revelation that the Swedish King was on a diet came in an interview with German television during a recent visit to the skiing world championships at Oberstdorf in Germany. When Queen Silvia was asked whether she was enjoying herself, she said she was, and added that she “had been longing to get the chance to eat Bavarian bread.”

Asked whether he was sampling the same local delicacy, King Carl Gustav replied that he doesn’t eat bread.

“I’m dieting,” he said. “I’m sticking to weisswurst and beer.”

Expressen said that the king’s diet closely resembled the one promoted by his chum Erik Lallerstedt, a Stockholm restauranteur, whose book gives tips on how to lose weight without giving up good food and wine.

Lallerstedt said he gave the monarch a copy of the book as a Christmas present, but was unsure about his potential for weight loss.

“You’re better off asking the queen,” he said, “she knows his habits better than I do.”

Sources: Expressen