Saab boss steps down

Less than a week after General Motors announced that Saab's production of saloon cars is to be moved to Rüsselsheim in Germany, Saab's beleaguered managing director and board chairman Peter Augustsson is to leave his post to pursue new ventures.

Augustsson, who has been managing director at Saab since 2000 and Chairman of the Board since 2002, denied he’s been fired as a consequence of Saab’s poor showing in recent years, the last straw coming in the recent defeat to the Rüsselsheim production plant.

Carl-Peter Forster, managing director for General Motors Europe is to replace Augustsson as Saab Board Chairman.

“He’s been thinking about this move for a considerable time,” Forster told Svenska Dagbladet. “It’s his own decision to leave.”

Örjan Åslund, Communications Chief at Saab told SvD that Augustsson is to remain in charge until the end of the month. He said there was no internal strife behind Augustsson’s decision to leave.

Jan-Åke Jonsson, who has been with the company for a number of years, will take over Augustsson’s role as managing director. Jonsson has particular experience in marketing and sales.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet