Senior soldier arrested for “woman abuse”

One of Sweden's highest-ranking military officials is being held in custody in southwest Sweden while prosecutors compile a case of marital abuse against him.

Police aren’t saying much, but the man, in his 50s with a long and distinguished history in the military and in the community, was arrested at his workplace in Uppsala on Monday. Reports say he was then transferred to Skövde.

“We can confirm that he was taken by police on Monday but we don’t have any more information on what’s happening,” said Anders Hedgren, spokesman for the Swedish Armed Forces.

A local newspaper reported that the man had repeatedly abused and raped his wife. Marianne Aldén, deputy chief prosecutor in Skövde, confirmed: “We have a man being held suspected of serious violation of a woman’s integrity, but I have no further comment.”

Charges must be filed against the man by Thursday, or he must be released. The man is said to be a high-ranking official with high security clearance who has dined with the royal family, volunteers for community sports organizations and works closely with the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Forces.

Anders Hedgren said the Supreme Commander has been informed.

“He knows that this has happened but said we must wait and see what happens.”

An unidentified military source told Aftonbladet that the arrest has sent shockwaves through the armed forces.

“Unfortunately this kind of thing happens in our industry as well, even though it goes against the soldier’s code of honor to protect society’s weak,” said the source.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Upsala Nya Tidning, Aftonbladet, SR