Dismembered body found on ice

The dismembered body of a woman has been found on a frozen stretch of water in the heart of Stockholm.

The grisly discovery was made by a passer-by on Wednesday afternoon, who noticed a plastic bag lying on the ice in Riddarfjärden, just south of Stockholm’s old town. The police were alerted, and following tests they revealed on Thursday that the bag contained parts of the body of a woman between 50 and 60 years old. Her torso was missing, and she “had been subjected to deadly violence before she was dismembered,” said Kjell Lindgren of Stockholm’s police force.

Police, who say that they are treating the woman’s death as murder, have so far been unable to draw any more conclusions about her identity. Her nationality is unclear, although she had shoulder-length blonde hair with touches of grey. The description does not match that of anyone reported missing in the Stockholm area, and police are contacting their counterparts in other parts of Sweden to see if they can help identify her.

Lindgren said that they would initially try to identify the woman through her fingerprints or DNA, and if that failed they would check dental records, although he added that this would take time and would only succeed if she had been to a dentist in Sweden.

The time of the woman’s death remains unclear. Police are also unable to say how long the body had been on the ice, although they point out that the area in which it was found is an extremely busy part of Stockholm, so it cannot have been there for long.

Meanwhile, officers working on the case are appealing for members of the public who might have information to come forward. They are particularly interested in talking to a middle-aged woman who was seen at one o’clock on Wednesday morning walking on the ice near where the body was found.

“This person could have seen something important for the investigation,” said Lindgren

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet