Missing Swedes found alive in earthquake zone

The two Swedes missing following Monday's earthquake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra have been found alive.

Daniel Gajbert, 26, and Henrik Malmqvist, 24, were found on the island of Nias with nine other surfers, three British, two French, two Canadians, a German and an American. They were recovered by staff from the Swedish embassy in Jakarta who were searching the Lagudri area of the island from a helicopter.

“According to our reports there were no fatalities there,” said Christian Carlsson at the Swedish foreign office.

Gajbert and Malmqvist were both said to be in good health.

“They’ve been completely cut off on the island and have had to sleep outdoors the last few nights,” Göran Gajbert, the father of Daniel, told Expressen.

“Through one of Daniel’s friends we knew exactly where on the island they were. We have been optimistic the whole time.”

It is not yet clear when the two men will return home to Sweden.

Sources: Aftonbladet, Expressen