Saab gives notice to 250 workers

250 Saab Bofors Dynamics employees been given notice today, casualties of the company's failure to bring in sufficient new orders.

140 people will be affected at the development units in Karlskoga and 110 people in Linköping. The operations in Järfälla and Gothenburg are also likely to be affected.

“This is an extremely tough decision to have to make,” said Tomas Samuelsson, President of Saab Bofors Dynamics AB.

“But we need to make sure the company is always correctly proportioned. We have successfully completed a number of major development programs, but have to realize that we have not managed to bring in new development orders to the necessary extent to fully utilize all our current high-tech resources,” he added.

Out of Saab’s 12 000 employees, Saab Bofors Dynamics AB has approximately 1,300 employees in total, with 750 in Karlskoga and 350 in Linköping.