Clas Ohlson slammed for Chinese working conditions

A report by Swedwatch and the Fair Trade Center has criticised DIY chain Clas Ohlson for not checking the working conditions of employees in China.

Clas Ohlson regularly imports good from China and the report is concerned that Chinese manufacturers are exploiting their workforce, potentially employing children.

“I was shocked when I realised Clas Ohlson weren’t running checks,” Henrik Lindholm at the Fair Trade Center told Dagens Nyheter.

“It’s been common knowledge for ten years that working conditions in China have been problematic.”

The report claims Clas Ohlson purchases goods from suppliers in Hong Kong without knowing where the goods come from or who manufactures them.

Lindholm told DN Clas Ohlson need to ensure the Chinese workforce know their rights. “[They] have to be prepared that it’s going to cost them if ethical working conditions are introduced,” says Lindholm.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet