Swedish teenagers in wet t-shirt row

Sixteen-year old schoolgirls took part in a wet t-shirt competition at a popular Stockholm bar. “It was offensive”, said one girl at the party. But the gay rights organisation that owns the bar’s premises says that the party was just a case of young people having fun.

The party was organised by three eighteen-year old boys under the theme of “Wet and Wild” at the Rio bar on Sveavägen. A highlight of the evening was when the organisers produced an inflatable paddling pool and announced it was time for the wet t-shirt competition, reported Dagens Nyheter.

One of the girls at the party, identified by DN only as sixteen-year old “Anne”, told the paper that six girls, all roughly her age, got up on the stage wearing only white t-shirts and g-strings. The organisers then threw water over the girls, and asked them to kiss each other to the cheers of the crowd. One of the girls was then named winner, getting a prize of 1,200 kronor.

“It felt terribly offensive – it makes me angry,” Anne told DN. “Girls who do this seem to think that men expect this of them.”

The bar where the party took place is owned by gay rights group RFSL, which hired it out to a club promoter.

RFSL’s chairman Sören Andersson poured cold water on the suggestion that the party was improper, and emphasised that no alcohol was served:

“I think it’s great that we open up for young people, and give them a chance to party without alcohol,” he told the The Local.

“I don’t have a problem with wet t-shirt competitions either. This is a case of young people having fun on their own terms.”