Swedes want EU vote

A majority of Swedish voters want the chance to vote on an EU draft constitution in a referendum following a French rejection of the paper in a popular vote, an opinion poll published on Tuesday showed.

According to the Sifo poll, published in daily Aftonbladet, 65 percent of voters want a referendum, compared with 58 percent questioned in a similar poll three months ago.

Some 27 percent believe that a parliamentary vote would be sufficient.

Sweden is to hold a parliamentary vote on the EU constitution before the end of the year, and Prime Minister Göran Persson said on Monday that he stood by this plan even after France’s resounding ‘no’ to the treaty.

Some 41 percent of the 1,000 voters polled by Sifo said they would vote ‘no’ in a referendum, 23 percent said they would vote ‘yes’, while 36 percent were undecided.