Porn-free hotels draw in more Swedes

Hotel guests who want to be sure not to stumble over porn on their bedroom television can now choose a 'porn-free' establishment from a catalogue released this week.

An increasing number of hotels are cancelling subscriptions to pornographic channels and the catalogue, published by the controversy-laden women’s refuge organisation, ROKS, now lists almost 500 places where guests can flick between channels without blushing.

The shift, said ROKS, comes in response to customer demand.

“Since the first catalogue came out in spring 2003 the interest in booking porn-free hotels has increased among government departments, councils and organisations,” said Tina Olby, the project leader.

“Those who are opposed to hotels which offer porn to their guests say that [porn free hotels] are an obvious part of working towards equality in the workplace.”

The Swedish Armed Forces – which handles hotel booking on behalf of the government – is one of the organisations which have chosen to travel porn-free. General Major Åke Jansson explained that the decision was part of “an ethical programme”.

In a study carried out by ROKS in the spring, 101 of the 176 local authorities who responded said that they now made a point of booking porn-free hotels. A further 9 local authorities and 11 district councils said they travelled porn-free while several others said they had the issue “on the agenda”.