Royal plane in emergency landing

A plane on its way to pick up the Swedish king to take him to the inauguration of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was forced to make an emergency landing in Stockholm after experiencing difficulties.

The government plane, a Gulfstream jet known as Swede Force 21, had taken off from Stockholm’s Bromma Airport carrying deputy prime minister Bosse Ringholm, on its way to pick up King Carl Gustaf in Kalmar, when a warning light appeared in the cockpit.

The warning light indicated that there was a problem with the aircraft’s front wheel, and the pilot decided to turn back to Bromma, where according to airport authorities the plane landed at 8.50 am without incident.

Six people were on board the plane, reported Aftonbladet, including Ringholm and his aide Jon Åström.

According to Ringholm’s office, the plane was able to continue to Riyadh after a few hours on the ground.

“Everyone’s OK and now it’s back on its way to Saudia Arabia,” said Åsa Hagman from the deputy prime minister’s staff.

The king and Ringholm will be attending King Abdullah’s inauguration along with other world leaders. They are not attending King Fahd’s funeral, which is reserved for invited Muslim guests.