Man stabbed to death in Lindeberg

A 25 year old man was stabbed to death in Lindesberg on Monday evening, leading Swedish police to put out a national alert in an attempt to catch the killers.

Three people were seen by witnesses leaving the scene in a small, red Ford or Audi.

Police were told just before 10pm that a man had been stabbed in the stomach in a street in central Lindesberg. By the time the ambulance arrived at the scene, the man was dead.

“We have roadblocks around Lindesberg to the neighbouring districts and have been interviewing witnesses overnight. Right now we’re concentrating on tracing the car,” said Per Lundbäck, the duty officer at Örebro police, to TT.

But early on Tuesday morning there was still no sign of the car and police said they have no details about who the attackers might have been.

The motive is also unclear but Örebro police confirmed that there are a number of witnesses.

TT/The Local