Time to start the discussion!

Here at The Local, we know that many readers enjoy the chance to comment on the events that are making headlines in Sweden. Hundreds of comments are now posted every day, and we have been thinking of ways that we can improve the experience for our readers.

The result is Discuss, a new section on The Local entirely given over to readers comments. Here you can debate current news items and share your views and experiences on a whole range of Swedological subjects.

We have switched off the comments option on articles. Instead, there will be a link at the bottom of each article saying “Discuss this article”. When you click on that you will come to a discussion topic dedicated to that news story.

The main difference is that now you can discuss much more than just the news. We have created a whole range of subject areas to bring a little focus to proceedings (including a section to give feedback on The Local itself), but from now on, it’s up to you.

Let the discussion begin!

All the best,

James Savage


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