Persson losing voter confidence

The leader of the Sweden's Moderate Party, Fredrik Reinfeldt, is enjoying record support among the country's voters. At the same time, Prime Minister Göran Persson is losing ground, according to research by Temo on Saturday.

41% of voters say that Reinfeldt is the party leader in whom they have the most confidence, an increase of 5% since February this year, noted Dagens Nyheter.

The rise in support for Reinfeldt is greatest among the voters of the other conservative parties.

But confidence in Göran Persson has fallen to 29%. Worse, Persson’s own voters are apparently losing confidence: only 6 out of 10 Social Democrat voters say they have ‘great confidence’ in him.

Next best among the conservative parties was the leader of the Centre Party, Maud Olofsson, with 29% – a rise of 4% since February.

The Christian Democrats’ Göran Hägglund had 13% while Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg was unchanged on 26%.

The Greens and the Left Party both slipped back. Maria Wetterstrand was down to 19% and Peter Eriksson slumped to 12% for the Greens, while the Left Party’s Lars Ohly has the personal support of only 10% of voters.

1004 people were interviewed in the poll.

TT/The Local

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