World’s most expensive hotdog – on sale now

The United Nations will be donning its apron to sell the world's most expensive hotdog in Stockholm's Norrmalmstorg on Thursday. A sausage in a roll from the UN's hotdog kiosk will cost 999 kronor.

The point is not to exploit the Swedish public’s love of a tasty hotdog, but to draw attention to world poverty, an issue which is being addressed at the ongoing UN summit in New York.

More than one billion people in the world live on less than 200 kronor per month. For Swedes to get an idea of what that means, the UN’s development programme, UNDP, says a hotdog costs the equivalent of around 1,000 kronor.

The hotdog kiosk will be open until Saturday. The money raised will go to the UN’s aid work and, as if that were not motivation enough, Minister for International Development Carin Jämtin will be one of the sausage sellers.

TT/The Local