Extra care for ‘apathetic kids’ cancelled

A number of new beds for asylum seeking families with so called ‘apathetic children’, who, in the most extreme cases, have regressed into a psychological state of total paralysis, have not materialised.

Ersta hospital in Stockholm was poised to start a project to develop a whole new care approach for these children and their families but in an interview with Dagens Medicin, Lisbet Nord, Director of Ersta Hospital, said “we were told that the issue was no longer topical.

Furthermore, the Immigration Authorities have now decided to deport three families with apathetic children, despite an earlier ruling by Sweden’s Aliens Appeals Board in June advising the government to allow a 13 year old refugee boy suffering from a form of acute depression to stay in the country.

The decision had given hope to hundreds of refugee families whose children are experiencing the condition.

Quoting unnamed sources from within the Stockholm Health Authority, Dagens Medicin says that discussions about the new beds at Ersta hospital have been broken off because BUP, the regional Child and Youth psychiatric unit, does not want an independent body like Ersta to take over the care.

In an official reaction, Per-Olof Sjöblom, adjunct Medical Director for the Stockholm Regional Health Authority said, “We will be starting up our activities later this autumn, since it is an important part of the chain of care.”

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Medicin, SVT