Swedish Eurosceptics to run for parliament

Swedish Eurosceptic party the June List (Junilistan) has announced that it will field candidates in next year's general election.

The party’s board made the decision to stand on Monday, and leader Nils Lundgren confirmed that he would be the June List’s first candidate.

Announcing the decision, the party said that it could just as easily work together with a Social Democratic government as it could with a conservative-liberal coalition.

“The June List will break the fossilized block politics,” said Lundgren, a former Social Democrat.

“We offer the first programme for the Swedish Riksdag that crosses traditional party boundaries,” Lundgren wrote in a press release.

In last year’s elections to the European Parliament, the party won 14.5 percent of the vote, becoming the third largest Swedish party at the European level.

The June List took votes from all the main parties.

“Our belief is that this will be repeated in the general election,” said Lundgren.

“It is a new concept not to place yourself on the left-right scale.”

One of the questions that the party is focusing on is a large reduction in the number of members of parliament.

“My interpretation is that about 100 seats would disappear,” said Lundgren.

The party now intends to start raising funds for the general election campaign.

TT/The Local

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