Swede arrested in Bosnia terror threat

Bosnian police said Friday they arrested a Swede, a Turk and a local suspected of being involved in preparing an unspecified terrorist attack.

The trio, who were detained on Thursday, were “suspected of preparing a terrorist action,” said Robert Cvrtak, the spokesman for the interior ministry of the Muslim-Croat half of Bosnia, without elaborating.

Two of them were transferred on Thursday to the state court of Bosnia-Hercegovina that deals with organized crime, war crimes and terrorism, Cvrtak told AFP.

The third suspect was to be transferred to the court later on Friday, he added.

As part of the same operation police also raided two homes in Sarajevo on Thursday and seized a “certain amount of weapons and explosives,” Cvrtak said.

Cvrtak provided no further details, but Sarajevo newspapers reported the Bosnian detained had been planning to carry out a suicide attack against the embassy of an EU country here.

A court spokeswoman said the two suspects were being questioned, without providing further information.

The British and US embassies here, which were closed for a few days after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the United States due to an undisclosed threat, were working normally on Friday.

Earlier this month a NATO commander in Bosnia said the alliance was closely monitoring about 10 terror suspects in the former Yugoslav republic.

US Brigadier General Luis Weber said in a report that “camps” existed in Bosnia, which was at risk from suspected terrorists who were able to pass through the Balkan country thanks to a lack of security.

A NATO spokesman here said there was no information on a possible link between the suspects monitored by NATO and the three who were arrested on Thursday.

Bosnia came under the spotlight after the 2001 attacks on the United States due to the presence of Islamic militants who came to the former Yugoslav republic to fight alongside Muslim soldiers during the country’s 1992-1995 war.