Ryanair jet in Malmö emergency

A Ryanair flight carrying 111 people from Tampere in Finland to Britain's Stansted airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Sweden due to engine trouble, the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority said on Wednesday.

“We received the alarm at 10:33 pm yesterday (Tuesday), that the plane would make an emergency landing with only one motor,” Katarina Ahlberg of the agency told AFP.

It was unclear whether the second motor had failed or had been switched off for some other reason, she said.

The plane, a Boeing 737, landed at Sturup airport in the southern Swedish city of Malmö at 10:58 pm without incident, according to Ahlberg.

“It is more difficult to land with only one engine because the plane does not have the same force to brake or speed up again if needed… Luckily, no one was injured,” she said.