Swedish terror suspect investigated

A Bosnian court on Friday opened an investigation into a Swede and a Turk arrested in Sarajevo last month on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack.

The state court of Bosnia said the two men were being investigated for “terrorism and the illegal possession of weapons or explosives”.

The pair were arrested on October 20 in an operation that involved a raid on two Sarajevo houses, yielding weapons and explosives. A Bosnian national who was detained the same day was later released.

Over the past week, police in Denmark have arrested seven men in connection with the two men in Bosnia, saying they were suspected of planning a terror attack in Europe.

In October a NATO commander in Bosnia said the alliance was closely monitoring about 10 terror suspects in the former Yugoslav republic.

US Brigadier General Luis Weber said that “camps” existed in Bosnia, which was at risk from suspected terrorists who were able to pass through the Balkan country thanks to a lack of security.

Hundreds of foreign Islamic militants entered Bosnia to fight alongside local Muslim soldiers during the country’s 1992-1995 war. Some of them remained after gaining Bosnian citizenship.