Security transits begin again

Security vehicles are back on the road again after the Swedish Work Environment Authority decided to tighten the regulations concerning cash deliveries and collections.

“We will be starting again during the day and back at full capacity by the weekend,” said the head of information at Securitas, Åke Andersson, to TT.

The move means that cash machines in Sweden’s main cities will start to be refilled and shops will have their cash takings, which have been accumulating since the stoppage began on Friday, collected.

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s decision on Monday evening, the route for every security transit must have a written risk assessment. This must include descriptions of how routines, times and routes should be varied to protect against possible robberies.

There should also be technical solutions to make it impossible to get to the cash while it is in transit without it being destroyed. If this requirement cannot be met, then the vehicle must have twice as many staff as usual and the amount of cash carried must not exceed a certain, secret, amount.

“We haven’t fully analysed the demands yet, but we’ve seen to it that we can get things going again today,” said Åke Andersson.

“The thing that’s completely new is the security analysis of the transit routes themselves, making them more formal than before and presenting them to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. That’s what we’re doing now.”

The security representative of the Transport union decided to call a halt to security transits in certain parts of the country following a violent robbery on Thursday in Bohuslän.

On Monday the chairman of Transport. Per Winberg, said he was satisfied with the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s decision.

“These were our demands from the beginning. It shows that the security representative’s stoppage was justified,” he told TT.

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