Police investigate apathetic children rape allegations

Six investigations are underway in Stockholm into the suspected abuse of the "apathetic" children in asylum seeking families. Police say that the suspicions include rape and other sexual assaults.

The allegations are based on information provided by the Swedish Board of Migration. On Wednesday Stockholm police decided to begin investigating six of nine cases which were reported.

“In three of these nine cases we have not yet seen anything that could be categorised as a crime. Further investigations are needed,” said Ulf Göranzon, the police spokesman, to TT.

Each case will be investigated by the local police. The west Stockholm and south Stockholm forces will look into four incidents each, while one case falls under the jurisdiction of the City police.

The six inquiries are variously related to sexual exploitation of a minor, assault, rape, unlawful threats, causing bodily injury and threatening a public official.

Göranzon declined to specify how many children were involved in the incidents under investigation, or how many individuals were under suspicion.