Nobel Biocare rejects bone loss claims

Dental implants maker Nobel Biocare AB has rejected allegations from Swedish university professors that its NobelDirect implant is causing bone loss.

“We have until today not seen one trace of evidence to support these allegations,” Heliane Canepa, president and CEO of Nobel Biocare said.

Nevertheless, Canepa said Nobel Biocare is taking these allegations very seriously and has made a thorough analysis of its clinical studies.

The company also contacted clients to verify whether they have made any “unusual observations”, she said.

“None of the available information supports the critical remarks of the professors,” Canepa concluded.

One year after the launch of NobelDirect, two professors at the Sahlgrens Academy in Gothenburg urged Nobel Biocare to withdraw the implant due to findings of what they call bone loss.

Nobel Biocare immediately and also later repeatedly asked the professors to provide their research leading to these allegations, but they have refused to present their material to Nobel Biocare.

Until the data are presented it has to be considered as anecdotal information, the company said.