Migration manager fired after cake celebration

The directors of the Board of Migration are to hold a press conference on Thursday in an attempt to quell the scandal surrounding staff celebrations when certain refugees are deported.

After revealing on Monday that staff at the Solna office gathered for a champagne celebration after a family was sent back to Russia, newspaper Dagens Nyheter has reported that staff in Kristianstad similarly rejoiced over the deportation of a single mother and her three children.

On that occasion cake, rather than champagne, was the reward – but the manager has been fired with immediate effect.

In the invitation to the employees, the Kristianstad manager wrote: “Yesterday [three migration officers] processed our nightmare woman in [town]. We will celebrate with cake and at the same time wish her and her kids all the best in their homeland!”

Around 15 employees took part in the merrymaking, which was held in the office staff room.

The senior directors at the Board of Migration decided on Wednesday evening to begin an inquiry into what happened in Kristianstad.

In response to the news of the champagne celebration in Solna, the director general of the Board, Janna Valik – who came to Sweden as a refugee – said that it was “completely unacceptable”. She also stated that it was an isolated incident.

Migration minister Barbro Holmberg declined to comment on the matter. According to her press secretary, Thomas Hartman, she is to hold a meeting to discuss the issues raised by the revelations.

Union organisation TCO strongly criticised the behaviour of migration officers.

“It’s terrible. This sort of behaviour is nothing but an insult to those people in trouble who come here expecting a fair process and public employees who treat them in a respectful way,” said Helena Johanson, departmental manager at TCO.

“This is in the same category as hitting patients, it’s something you just don’t do however tired you might be of them. This may not be hitting people physically but it’s behaviour which has the same consequences for a lot of people,” she said.

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