Swedish chef in rice pudding attack

The Swedish chef from the Muppet Show created a world-famous stereotype of laid-back Scandinavian cooks. But a disagreement between two chefs in a Gothenburg canteen has left that image in the soup.

The pressure of cooking seems to have got to the pair, whose bitter row boiled over into a full-blown punch-up. The fight only ended when one of the cooks apparently tried to drown the other in a 300 litres of boiling rice pudding.

Now, says a prosecutor, legal proceedings are expected against the offending cook. He is likely to be charged with serious assault.

The cook who ended up in the rice pudding suffered serious burns, from which he will never completely recover. Nevertheless, he was lucky: although his face and an arm were shoved into the boiling dessert, his hat slipped down and covered his eyes.

“On another day he could have been blinded,” said prosecutor Bodil Ericsson.

The canteen bust-up happened last September but only now has the investigation been completed. Legal action is expected within a few weeks.

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