Gunmen rob security vehicle

A security vehicle was robbed at around 11.30am on Wednesday at an ICA Maxi supermarket in the Stenhagen area of Uppsala. According to reports from the scene both robbers fired a shot with shotguns, but nobody was hit.

The escape car was found in the vicinity of the Sankta Maria church in Stenhagen. It had been set alight.

From there, the robbers escaped on a motorcycle or moped.

Uppsala police spokesman Christer Nordström said that nobody had been injured in the raid.

“The men could possibly have two bags with them,” he told TT.

The robbery is the latest in a series of attacks on security vehicles and cash depots. The most recent attack targeted a Securitas vehicle, which was blown up on the E8 at Hölö, south of Stockholm, on December 16th last year.

TT/The Local