Palme’s coat sent for DNA testing

The coat worn by Swedish prime minister Olof Palme on the night of his assassination 20 years ago is to undergo advanced DNA testing in Britain and Germany, a Swedish newspaper reported on Monday.

Palme was strolling down a busy Stockholm street on the night of February 28, 1986, with his wife Lisbet after an evening at the cinema when an unidentified assailant gunned him down.

According to witnesses, Palme’s murderer approached him from behind, and laid his hand on his shoulder before shooting him.

Police now believe that Palme’s coat could bear traces of the killer’s DNA, Aftonbladet said, adding that this could lead to his identification.

“We have discussed the possibility,” the paper quoted the chief investigator in the Palme case, Stig Edqvist, as saying.

“But we don’t know yet whether it will be enough,” he said.

The coat will be analyzed with help from the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham, England, and Germany’s central police laboratory in Wiesbaden, the paper said.

The attacker fled up a stairway over a tunnel.

Despite tens of thousands of tips and leads since the crime, the murder has never been solved, and the weapon, a .357 Magnum revolver, has never been found.

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