Reinfeldt tops party leader poll

The Moderate Party's Fredrik Reinfeldt remains the most popular party leader in Sweden, but Prime Minister Göran Persson has closed the gap, according to a new survey.

Some 33 percent of voters surveyed by Temo said they have faith in Göran Persson, an increase by five percentage points since the last survey in December 2005. This means Persson regains the number two spot among the party leaders from Maud Olofsson, leader of the Centre Party.

Reinfeldt, although falling from 44 percent to 43 percent, still has a big lead in the ratings, which were published on Saturday in Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenskan.

Temo asked interviewees whether they had very great faith, great faith, little faith or no faith in the party leaders. The final figures are based on those that said they had very great or great faith.

Olofsson now has 29 percent, Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg 28 percent – both down 1 point.

The Green Party’s spokeswoman Maria Wetterstrand is unchanged on 22 percent, whereas her fellow spokesperson Peter Eriksson rises from 14 to 17 percent.

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund has 15 percent, and Lars Ohly, leader of the Left Party has 12 percent.

Temo interviewed 1,013 people of voting age between 13th and 16th March.

TT/The Local