Discharged patient freezes to death

A 76 year old man was found frozen to death in Pajala in the north of Sweden on Thursday morning.

Earlier in the day the man, who was suffering from dementia, had been discharged from the health centre in Pajala, where he had been treated for a week.

His relatives are now reporting both the county council and the Pajala authorities to The National Board of Health and Welfare, arguing that they failed to provide the appropriate care for the man, reported SVT´s regional news program Nordnytt.

The man had his own accommodation with help from the social services in Pajala. For some time, however, his relatives have been trying to get him into more protected housing. The council has not cooperated, they say.

The relatives also argue that it was wrong of the council to send the man home, without any guarantees that he would have access to the necessary care.

It appears that the man left his flat late on Wednesday evening.

TT/The Local