Liberals join government on justice

The Liberal party has come to an agreement with the government on a series of justice-related issues. A close cooperation between Liberal Johan Pehrson and justice minister Thomas Bodström has resulted in six proposals.

The most publicised example is the bugging law, which is unlikely to see the light of day for at least a year after the Centre Party, the Left Party and the Greens vowed to reject it in parliament.

But an investigation by Swedish Radio has shown that a further five proposals have emerged from the agreement between Bodström and Pehrson.

These relate to the use of hidden cameras in tracking serious crimes, the military helping the police in the event of a terror threat, protected identity for police officers, increased European police cooperation and new rules for expert advisors in courts.

In all cases, Johan Pehrson has been able to influence the wording of the proposals. In return, the Social Democrats have been guaranteed the Liberals’ support in parliament before the proposals are presented.

The other opposition alliance parties are not part of the agreement.

Johan Pehrson explained to SR that the Liberals have merely seized the opportunity to create legislation on issues which the party has long championed. He strongly denied suggestions that the agreement opened the door for closer cooperation between the Liberals and the Social Democrats after the election.

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TT/The Local