Fivefold increase in sales of ‘green’ cars

The sale of environmentally-friendly cars in Sweden has rocketed. More than five times as many green-classified cars were registered in March as in the same month last year.

“Economic incentives, such as reduced tax value, free parking and no congestion charges, are the most important reasons,” said Ulf Perbro, managing director of industry organisation Bil Sweden, to TT.

“But there are also many more models and interest increases when the cars are seen in traffic. There’s a kind of ‘ketchup effect’.”

In March, 3,834 new environmentally-friendly cars were registered, an increase of around 540 percent on the March before, when 596 such cars were registered.

During the first three months of the year, environmentally-friendly cars accounted for 15% of all sales. The number of diesel engine cars also increased to 17.3% compared to 10.4% for the first quarter last year.

“Vehicle tax has been lowered on diesel cars, while at the same time more fuel-efficient models are coming on the market,” said Ulf Perbro.

In March, 25,560 new cars were registered, up 6.8% compared to March 2005.