Men arrested for 1995 murder

Two men were arrested on Tuesday afternoon for the 1995 murder of a 16-year old boy at the Fryshuset youth centre in Stockholm.

The men, both 39, are both from the Stockholm area. Police say that they are being held on reasonable suspicion of committing the crime, the lower level of suspicion in the Swedish system. The two men have links to the 41-year old from Nacka arrested and released three weeks ago.

“They are connected, but I don’t want to say how. Nor do I want to say how they have reacted to the accusation,” said chief inspector Eiler Augustsson to news agency TT.

The men have not yet been questioned, but have been told that they are under suspicion of murder and have been allocated public defenders.

The 16-year old victim was found dead on New Year’s Day 1995 near the Fryshuset youth centre in Norra Hammarbyhamnen in Stockholm, which he had left at 1am after celebrating the New Year. His body was found later the same day in an empty warehouse 300 metres away.

The investigation is part of the police’s drive to clear up old unsolved murders. The Fryshuset murder is one of eight old killings currently being looked at by the force’s Cold Cases Group.

TT/The Local