Push-chair recalled after several accidents

Push-chairs of the 'Urban jungle' model manufactured by One Tree Hill, have been recalled due to a dangerous defect. Several accidents have occurred in which the chair's handle has broken off. A total of 1,000 chairs with the defect have been distributed to stores.

If you have an ‘Urban jungle’ push-chair with fewer than three small dots round the metal button on the handle, that means you have one of the potentially dangerous chairs. The plastic part of the handle does not tolerate Sweden’s extreme temperature swings and cracks.

“This kind of thing can’t be allowed to happen. We know of five or six accidents since last year and that’s far too many. Obviously the nightmare scenario is if the handle broke off at the top of an escalator and the child fell out,” said Jan Sjögren, head of the safety unit at the Swedish Consumer Agency.

This is the third time the product has been recalled. The first occasion was last Autumn due to defects with the raising and lowering mechanism in the handle. The fault was found in all models from 2005, so all were withdrawn.

The current problem is with the replacement handles on early batches of the 2006 model.

“If you have a push-chair with a faulty handle, you should contact One Tree Hill and exchange it for a new model,” said Sjögren.

Sjögren advised that until the problem is sorted out parents have a firm grip under the handle when using an escalator. He also pointed out that the accidents have occurred in cold weather.

A total of 1,000 push-chairs manufactured with incorrect materials have been distributed to stores in Scandinavia. 600 went to stores in Stockholm, 200 to Gothenburg and 200 to Oslo.