New attack on Centre Party offices

Two windows were smashed at the Centre Party's offices on Stora Nygatan, in Stockholm's Gamla Stan, on Easter Saturday.

Police were called to the scene at 6.47pm.

“Someone has probably thrown in a stone,” said Lennart Nordén, at Stockholm police.

Several of the Centre Party’s offices around the country have been vandalised in the last couple of weeks. On Wednesday night the office in central Jönköping was hit, again with wondows broken.

After that incident, a party representative said that they suspected that the attacks were in protest against the party’s proposal for special labour agreements for newly employed young people.

Similar attacks have been carried out against the Centre Party in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Växjö, Kalmar and Umeå.

On the internet and at demonstrations, a ‘faction of the Invisible Party’, a group said to be extreme left anarchists, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

TT/The Local