Swedish terror suspect ‘planned attack on EU force’

A young Swedish man being held in Sarajevo on suspicion of terrorism was planning an attack on an EU military base in Bosnia, claim police in the country.

The 18 year old Swede is in custody with a 20 year old Dane of Turkish origin. The two men are said to have rented three apartments in the Sarajevo area, one of which was in Butmir, a few hundred metres from the EUFOR base, reported Danish Radio (DR).

Police found 20 kilograms of explosives during a raid on the apartment in Butir when they arrested the men.

The two men are accused of planning the attack with a Bosnian man, said DR. Two other Bosnians are suspected of having supplied the explosives and weapons before the strike.

The men are accused of using the apartment in Butmir as a base for the terror attack. The other two apartments were to be used afterwards as hideouts until it was safe for the Scandinavians to return to Sweden and Denmark.

During police interrogation the two men have changed their stories. Now they maintain that they had not planned a terror attack, but instead had just intended to cause problems for the European countries involved in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Details of the men’s plans were reprinted in a newsletter from the International Relation and Security Network.

The court which will try the accused has recently approved the prosecutor’s case but no trial date has yet been decided.

TT/The Local