Woman locked up by mother over relationship

The mother and aunt of a 20-year-old woman in Gothenburg who was locked up in an apartment for ten days have been arrested on suspicion of wrongful imprisonment

The woman lives in the UK and was visiting her relatives at the time she was allegedly taken captive. Her family are said to disagree with the fact that she’s settled down in the UK and started a family with a British man.

The 20-year-old managed to escape from the apartment after being held captive for 10 days and made her way to the British Embassy in Stockholm. Her mother and aunt had confiscated her passport to prevent her from returning to Britain.

Her uncle is suspected of kidnapping, but has not been arrested due to lack of evidence. Relatives of the 20-year-old are reported have threatened to kill her British husband and her son, Metro writes. However, the mother, the aunt and the uncle are all denying any criminal behaviour.

TT/The Local